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This Intellectual Output is divided into a series of interactive multimedia tools useful for the management of classroom and outdoor meetings, collected within the dedicated section of the project website.

Thanks to the use of the Interactive Whiteboard (LIM) or any other device where an internet connection is available, the teacher can take advantage of a series of multimedia content useful for organizing the activities.

The use of these multimedia tools will allow students to increase their knowledge with respect to the topics covered, be the architects of the realization of their outdoor classroom, be personally involved in the management of the wild garden, touch on what they have learned in the classroom; collaboration between students and the inclusion of pupils with BES.

Nello specifico questa sezione del sito web è divisa in capitoli,
ciascuno dei quali si compone di:

  • in-depth study, dedicated to frontal and outdoor lessons, on issues related to the Wild Garden (plant species, observable animal species, their biological cycles, etc.). The cards are available both in downloadable format, and can therefore be printed by teachers, and can be consulted directly from the site, in the classroom and/or at home. The cards, once downloaded and collected, will constitute a kind of book for students and will be useful to the teacher both to present the topics in class, and organize the lesson, and to allow students to deepen the topics covered at home.
  • educational tools such as games, interactive maps, flash cards and laboratory cards that can be used by the teacher to make the lessons more interactive and to guide the students to the realization of the Wild Garden. They are also available both in downloadable format and can be used directly online.
  • tools for the evaluation of acquired skills constituted, for example, open-choice questions, structured and semi-structured tests (true/false, multiple choice, completion...), exercises of various types, discussion, and solution of problems, etc. Available in downloadable format and can be used online.

There is also a section containing a glossary useful to both the teacher and the children to understand the more technical terms mentioned in the various sections.