The webcam

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You just saw a great tit flying to that nest box you built and placed in your wild garden, so you’re thinking: who knows what it’s doing inside? There will be eggs and it will be hatching them? Or maybe the youngs are already born so it went out to get food for them? Well, there is a way to find out! Thanks to the new technologies, we have the chance to install webcams inside the shelters in our wild garden. In this way we’ll be able to film inside, and find out what their guests do, without any trouble.

Remember that installing a webcam in an already busy shelter could be a problem, because you might disturb the animal that chose it as "home" and risk that it will leave. The advice we give you is therefore to provide the shelter with a webcam right away. In this way, in addition to not disturb anyone, you will have the opportunity to observe all phases of nest occupation!

Think about what a unique opportunity it can be to observe the spawning and the hatching of the eggs in the nest occupied by the blue tit, or even the continuous going on to bring the food to the young. 

Have you ever thought about what happens inside the bat box? Would you like to see up closely, what bats do during the day inside it or understand how it is used during the year?

All this will be possible thanks to the webcams that you can install in the shelters of your wild garden!

Those currently on the market, give us the opportunity to make wireless connections, are much easier to install, and connect directly to the school PC!

For small shelters such as nest boxes and bat boxes, at the time of construction it may be necessary to consider building them higher than about 10 cm. It’s necessary to avoid that the webcam inside is too close to the animals, creating clutter and providing a less sharp shot. This obviously depends on the webcam you decide to install, so we suggest you to choose models that are well suited to the measurements of the nests.

Once installed, we will just wish you... enjoy!