Let’s build a shelter for the toad

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You need to create the shelter in a shady and wet place in the wild garden, under the shrubs could be perfect. The shelter will not need a "floor", because the toad will surely dig and will therefore need to be directly in contact with the ground.

The best way to create a shelter is to use a terracotta pot, which remaining cool even in summer, will protect the toad from the heat.

You can dig a hole in the ground, not too deep, perfect to contain the terracotta pot placed horizontally. Be careful, the pot will not have to enter the entire hole, only half. The interior of the pot will have to be partially filled with soil, just enough to let in, get out and move the toad.

You can also build an above-ground dwelling. Place the terracotta pot upside down, over a circle created with rocks, leaving only space to allow the toad to enter and exit.

It could take a couple of days or even a few months for the toad to find and use the “house” you provided for. Be patient and don’t look for any toad to take into the wild garden, it will come naturally!

Even for the toad, there must always be a source of water in the nearby of the refuge.