E-course for teacher

Teachers will have the opportunity to follow an e-learning training course created on the Moodle platform, a virtual classroom for teachers who want to start a Wild Garden project with their class.

The course is divided into 4 modules for a total duration of 24 hours:

  • MODULE 1 The wild garden: a tool for learning science (4 hours)
  • MODULE 2 Pedagogical aspects of outdoor learning (6 hours)
  • MODULE 3 The natural sciences: fundamental notions (6 hours)
  • MODULE 4 We create the wild garden (8 hours)

This tool therefore aims to integrate the training manual for teachers to respond more fully to the needs of teachers who, from the research carried out, present both deficiencies from the point of view of scientific skills and in the development of methodologies useful for the transmission of these knowledge to learners. Specifically, the teachers at the end of the course will be able to identify the various components of an ecosystem, understand how they interact with each other, understand the problems connected with the introduction of allochthonous species, know how to recognize the animal and vegetable species to be selected for the creation of the wild garden, know the ecological needs of the species, know how to promote the presence of the same, know the urban fauna and the interactions with man, know the biodiversity linked to the anthropic environments, correctly communicate the acquired information to the pupils, structure environmental education courses, allow the involvement of pupils with particular reference to the special needs, bases and principles of outdoor learning. The use of the Moodle platform will allow direct involvement of teachers who will have an interactive space from which to download materials, interact with trainers and colleagues, exchange documents.

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